The Authoritative Guide to T-Shirt Design: 5 Platforms to Consider

The Print Plug's New T-Shirt Design Studio

Introduction: Your Gateway to Mastering T-Shirt Design Welcome to the vibrant world of t-shirt design, proudly presented by The Print Plug, Nampa’s go-to destination for custom apparel and creativity. Whether you’re an emerging artist, an aspiring designer, or someone brimming with ideas for the next great shirt, you’re in the right spot. In this comprehensive…

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How Much Does Embroidery Cost: Understanding the Price and Process

Red and black embroidered logo for a local school jacket / uniform

How Much Does Embroidery Cost Per Stitch Embroidery is an ancient art that elegantly weaves together durability and personalization. It’s an ideal choice for small business owners aiming to boost their brand image, as well as individuals seeking bespoke, meaningful gifts. But how much does embroidery cost? Understanding the intricacies of embroidery’s value, especially its…

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Is Screen Printing Cheaper Than Vinyl? – A Comprehensive 4-Point Comparison

Screen printing and custom heat-transfer-vinyl

Is screen printing cheaper than vinyl? We will answer that and more, including specific benefits of each, in the following article. Welcome to the perennial debate at The Print Plug in Nampa, where we pit the heavyweight of tradition, custom screen printing, against the nimble contender, heat-transfer-vinyl shirts. It’s a matchup as classic as peanut…

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How Do You Put a Custom Logo On a Shirt? 4 Printing Methods To Consider

Introduction Creating a custom logo on a shirt is an excellent way to express your creativity, promote your brand, or even make a fashion statement. Whether you’re planning to start your own clothing line or just want to create personalized shirts for an event, knowing how to put a custom logo on a shirt is…

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Can I Get My T-Shirt Altered? Exploring T-Shirt Customization Near Me

The Era of T-Shirt Customization In a world where self-expression reigns supreme, t-shirt customization has become increasingly popular, and what you wear has become a canvas for your creativity. The appeal and popularity of t-shirt customization have skyrocketed, and rightfully so. T-shirts are not just simple garments; they’re a form of art, a means of…

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How To Turn A Picture Into An Embroidery Pattern: Step-by-Step

Design Creation In-Studio

Introduction Want to know how to turn a picture into an embroidery design? Keep reading! Embroidery is an art form that has been around for centuries, and it continues to be popular today. With the rise of technology, it’s now possible to turn any picture into a custom embroidery pattern. This process allows you to…

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Direct-to-Garment Printing Vs Screen Printing: Deciding Which Is Best For You

Direct-to-Garment Printing vs Screen Printing

Direct-to-Garment Printing Vs Screen Printing In the world of custom apparel, there is an epic battle for dominance brewing: Direct-to-Garment Printing Vs Screen Printing. Both methods offer unique benefits and are suited for different purposes. Whether you’re a business owner looking to create branded merchandise or an individual seeking custom clothing, it’s crucial to understand…

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Inside Shirt Embroidery Costs: From Design to Stitch

Embroidering a shirt can add a touch of sophistication, elegance, or branding to your clothing. But have you ever wondered about shirt embroidery costs? In this blog, we’ll not only unveil the typical price structure of embroidery but also take you behind the scenes to understand the digitizing process. So, let’s unravel the art and…

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The Ultimate Guide to T-Shirt Printing Costs in Nampa, Idaho

The Print Plug offers competitive price for a custom t-shirt

So, you’re curious about t-shirt printing costs, or the costs of printing your custom designs onto shirts and apparel in the Treasure Valley area? Well, sit tight because The Print Plug from Nampa, Idaho is about to dive deep into the world of t-shirt printing costs. We’ll not only break down the pricing but also…

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