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The Print Plug has over 15 years of collective experience in the custom embroidery business. We have embroidered hundreds of garments in that time, and have gained invaluable experience and resources along the way. Our list of satisfied clients serves as proof to our experience and expertise with custom embroidered garments.

Our latest job was a custom logo embroidery job on several high-end Carhartt jackets. The customer had been turned away by other professional embroidery companies, for a couple of reasons; the embroidered jackets were made of 90% nylon material, which can be more difficult to embroider on than other fabric types. The jacket was covered in seams and zippers, which created many obstacles to a clear embroidery location. To top it all off, this particular client only needed four jackets done.

Under the precise and meticulous care of our customer embroidery machine

For all of the above reasons, this poor soul had been turned away by one embroidery shop after another before coming to us to inquire about our custom embroidery services. The Print Plug of course was happy to help, and we were able to complete the job for them in just a couple of days. With time to spare!

Bring Us Your Custom Embroidery Job of Any Size

Serving Boise, Idaho and beyond, we are able to transform virtually any image you bring us into a digitized format, ready to be custom embroidered onto the garments of your choosing. Whether it’s jackets or beanies, t shirts or custom polos we are ready to take on your customer embroidery job of any size. We utilize state-of-the-art embroidery equipment to complete jobs quickly and efficiently, and have the resources and know-how to tackle whatever you throw at us.

Aside from industry expertise, we pride ourselves on our commitment to customer satisfaction. Customers always come first, which is evident in our Google review rating! We treat every custom apparel as if our company depended on it, because frankly it does!

And, um, not to brag or anything, but we also won Best Custom T-Shirt Shop of Nampa, Idaho in 2022. This is an exclusive award system granted to businesses who excel in customer service and marketing

Aside from custom embroidery, The Print Plug offers custom screen printing, Direct-to-Garment, and custom vinyl services. Check out the positive reviews from the folks who have entrusted us with their custom embroidery jobs in the past. You can also check out our embroidery page to learn more about our pricing. As always, feel free to give us a call to get any of your questions answered!